Teleco: here is the all-in-one multicharger to charge batteries using any energy source

September 1st, 2021 – Properly charging the batteries is an important operation, vital to ensure their performance and durability over time. The sources for recharging the accumulators are different: they range from the vehicle alternator when on the move to the solar panels, from the 230 Volt column current to the generator. On medium-low range vehicles and older ones, each energy source must have its own regulator. Normally, the mains battery charger, the device for the photovoltaic system and, increasingly with the advent of new generation “smart” alternators, a DC/DC converter, which is essential to properly recharge the battery while running, is installed.

Teleco had already realized a year ago that the road to optimization and simplification was based on a single device, capable of charging the battery (or batteries) from any source of energy. Today, the Italian manufacturer is launching the second generation of what it calls “multicharger”, the TBCM PRO 45/30/250. Many numbers should not scare, but instead represent the (remarkable) characteristics of the product, which is capable of charging up to 45 Ampere from the alternator, up to 30 Ampere from the electricity grid and which can manage photovoltaic panels up to a total power of 350 Watts. The previous generation stopped at 30/20/250 respectively.

Automatic source selection

The new device recharges the on-board service batteries by choosing the best source between the grid, the possible current generator, the vehicle alternator and the photovoltaic modules (the latter managed through the efficient MPPT technique) in a completely automatic way. The new Teleco comes with a completely renewed aesthetic that also includes an integrated OLED display and a series of commands directly on the unit. In option it is also possible to choose an external control panel with OLED display, completely redesigned and with the same family feeling of the automatic antenna panels.

We are also proposing this product to RV manufacturers as original equipment, and we are certain that it will be extremely successful as an aftermarket option“, says Vittorio Simioli, co-founder of Teleco Group. “It is an outstandingly complete and very versatile charger. Whoever buys a LiFePO4 lithium battery needs to rely on a system capable of efficiently managing charging. This new generation of multi chargers are All in One systems capable of delivering top performance in any situation.”

No more engine battery on the ground

The new charger is compatible with CI-BUS, a data transmission system developed on a common platform by the European caravanning industry, and with Teleco HUB. The Bridge function, useful if the engine battery runs out and there is no possibility of recharging it with conventional sources, uses an external relay (optional) to draw current in a controlled manner from the service battery and pour it back into the engine battery. After a few minutes, it will be possible to restart the engine. Also relevant is the function which, through an additional optional relay, allows the air conditioner to operate when the vehicle is in motion.

We have thought of many applications for our multicharger”, continues Vittorio Simioli. “First of all, the user does not have to worry about anything, because the charger automatically chooses the ideal charging source. In the event of a low battery, it can also automatically start one of our generators from the TIG range. Secondly, when charging takes place via photovoltaic modules and if there is plenty of power available, our multicharger can control the trivalent refrigerator with AES (automatic energy selector) and can automatically switch from gas-powered operation to 12 Volt operation. Additionally, our charge converter with booster always ensures a full recharge during any trip – short or long. And it optimises charging with Euro 6 diesel engines where the alternator no longer works under constant voltage, but has peaks and other times where low voltage is delivered: our DC/DC converter stabilises the voltage supply.”

Also perfect during periods of storage

The TBCM PRO 45/30/350 is equipped with an integrated system to keep the batteries charged even during long periods of storage and provides eight different charging curves for lead-acid, AGM, GEL and LiFePO4 batteries.

As we hope to be able to put it to the test soon to tell you about its performance in everyday life.

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