Thetford launches the new PowerPods toilet fluid in capsules and renews its compressor fridges

September 2nd, 2021 – The Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf was also an opportunity for Thetford to present several new products. The most relevant for us end consumers, at least in the immediate future, is the launch of the toilet fluid in single-dose capsule format, which promises greater convenience than the traditional liquid Aqua Kem or in sachets.

The new product has been called PowerPods and it will be available in a Blue and Bio version. The latter allows it to be used even when emptying the black water in common septic tanks, in which it is absolutely necessary to avoid the spillage of products harmful to bacteria, enzymes and microorganisms that naturally metabolize solid and liquid waste.

20 ready-to-use doses

The PowerPods Bio are packaged in a box containing 20 doses, each of which guarantees up to 4 days of odor control. The Blue version, sold in the same format, on the other hand, lasts up to 5 days. The Blue and Bio capsules have the advantage of starting to take effect, in terms of fragrance, only when they are inserted into the cassette, together with a little water. This prevents the smell from spreading in the bathroom or on the hands when preparing the toilet tank.

The pod packaging is protecting both the product and the end user,”said Norbert van Noesel, Thetford Marketing Manager. “Nevertheless, it quickly dissolves in few cold water added to the waste-holding tank to release the product. In addition to superior odour control, these PowerPods reduce gas build-up and liquefy waste for easier tank emptying.”

The T2000 series refrigerators evolve into MK2

The second novelty presented by Thetford in Germany is the new line of compressor refrigerators, an evolution of those announced last year. The T2000 series has thus been transformed into the T2000 MK2, with updated compressor and control electronics. The tests show significant differences between the new and the old version, with energy savings of up to 20%. Thetford has improved the efficiency of the electronics and reduced the weight from 0.3 to 1.3 kilograms depending on the model.

The freezer compartment is independent and can be switched off, with energy savings of up to 40%. The ATC system has 3 temperature measurement points, used to check performance under all circumstances. The new T2000 MK2 have an extended climate class from 10˚C to 43˚C (for the T2090 from 16 to 38˚C) and integrated air ventilation. All 5 models in the range (with widths of 525 or 418 millimeters) are compatible with the CI-BUS standard, allowing vehicle manufacturers to connect the refrigerator to the control unit to control its main functions.

iNDUS, slow but inexorable growth

Finally, Thetford confirmed the growth in sales of the iNDUS integrated system (which we have discussed in depth in this article), now installed on a few hundred vehicles on the road. Confirmed the partnership with Adria (for the Matrix) and Bürstner (on some Elegance), the one with Frankia was added. The particular moment linked first to the pandemic and then to the European explosion in sales has had an impact on the process of market expansion, but optimism wins at Thetford.

We deliberately slowed down the process of introducing iNDUS, simply because of the extremely high demand in our market currently,” confirmed Norbert van Noesel. “Our first focus is on delivering our customers as good as we can. But we are in a concrete stage with several OEM’s”. The smart sanitary system won the Red Dot Award for its high-quality design. The European Innovation Award rated iNDUS as the winner in the Technology category.

However, the system is constantly evolving. To meet the needs of those who stop camping for a long time and do not want to move the vehicle to empty the tank (in any case much larger than the normal removable tank), Thetford has developed a mobile tank: it contains 19 liters and is basically like a WC cassette equipped with wheels which can also be emptied at the point of discharge of gray water.

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