TEST – Gulliver 560 monocoque (second hand)


  • Compact dimensions
  • Monocoque structure
  • Technical equipment
  • Double technical floor
  • Nautical toilet and electric drain valves
  • Single/double bed sofa
  • Motorcycle carrier


  • Little space in the kitchen
  • Comfortable drop-down bed but no space for pillows when closed

May 8, 2022 – Our ten days in a van has now ended for some time and – in addition to the places we have seen, which you have been able to admire in our photo posts on Instagram and Facebook (Marostica, Bassano del Grappa, Asiago, Montagnana, Mantua, Sabbioneta, the banks of the Po in Mantua, Este, and Monselice) – we also used a van that is not FalkorOur van is undergoing a cycle of enrichment and rejuvenation works and therefore the friends of Gulliver’s Camper who are taking care of it have lent us a vehicle for this period.

It is not a very young vehicle (it was set up in 2011), but it embodies the whole philosophy of the company: it is less than 5.6 meters long, has a fiberglass monocoque cell and a layout that includes a fold-down double bed, while maintaining the overall height around 2 meters and 80 centimeters. The result is a manageable, practical vehicle with great daytime liveability.

Despite this, it is intended for a crew of 4. The internal layout sees in fact a 2-seater dinette (one in the reverse direction) equipped with a safety belt with an extendable table in front of a long sofa that can be used as a single bed or transformed quickly and effortlessly into a second double bed. The kitchen and bathroom, the latter preceded by the wardrobe, are placed on the bottom of the vehicle.

Drop-down bed in two positions

The drop-down bed descends in two different positions. Held in the highest one, it allows the four people to divide between the two doubles and leaving enough space in height for everyone, while if the crew is made up of a couple, it descends to a lower position, facilitating boarding and alighting. In this case, for reasons of usable height, you sleep with your head in the center of the vehicle, instead of above the driver’s cab. The two front seats swivel even if not essential for the “table” setting.

For stowage there is a large wardrobe for hanging garments, the huge locker under the sofa (accessible from the inside, from above and from the outside), the space under the front seat (the rear one is a technical compartment), four wall units of decent capacity (part of the available volume is occupied by the bed mechanisms), two open compartments above the cabin and a transversal storage shelf at the front. Added to this are two very large wall units, one above the kitchen module and one next to the entrance door, positioned in the rear part of the van, a cutlery drawer, and a low cabinet, ideal for cookware and pantry.

Large windows

A gas bottle holder divides the entrance from the long sofa, the upper part of which actually constitutes the worktop available to the cook: on the dedicated module, as well as a deep rectangular steel sink with home-style tap and mixer and the pair of burners (with piezoelectric ignition and a practical drain for liquids connected to the recovery tank) there is in fact no space. Under the hob there is a Dometic three-way fridge with a capacity of approximately 80 liters.

We appreciated the size of the windows of the living area/kitchen: there are 3 of them, of which the main two are really huge: a rarity in a market where increasingly narrow openings are seen. To these are added two square skyroof of 40 centimeters per side. One is strategically positioned on the kitchen, the other above the drop-down bed, which can therefore only be used in the night setting.

Electric valves

The corner bathroom in a single room has another gem, which we particularly appreciated in our trip: the nautical toilet with ceramic cup. The anxiety of the cassette to be emptied every two or three days has disappeared and the fact that Gulliver’s has decided to adopt electric drain valves for both black and gray waters, placed close together, has further improved the user experience. For maximum convenience, perhaps we would have also added a camera to frame the drain grate and avoid having to use the maneuver assistant for correct positioning, but it is an accessory that can be mounted at any time.

The shower tray with double drain is separated from the rest of the environment through two curtains that are ingeniously attached to a rail positioned on the edges of the tray, so they always remain well stretched and do not stick to the body. On the other hand, space is a bit limited. At the service of the bathroom there is another window, while a wall unit and an under-sink cabinet (which has a home-style mixer and pull-out shower) offer space for personal hygiene products.

Lots, lots of water!

The water capacity is enormous: two tanks housed in the double technical floor (!) can hold up to 240 liters. The limit is given here by the recovery tank, which will need to be emptied more often than the load is done. Between the nautical tank and the available water, we still recorded an autonomy of almost a week. From an energy point of view, the presence of a solar panel, also thanks to the sunny weather, allowed us to keep the only 100Ah AGM battery charged. However, there is space to install a second battery, also because the vehicle is fitted with a 1,200 watt modified sine wave inverter which requires adequate accumulators to be used in peace.

Although there is a compartment capable of accommodating two 11 kg cylinders, this Gulliver’s is equipped with a Truma Combi D heating system with 6kW diesel fuel: autonomy is therefore guaranteed also from this point of view, taking into account that the tank fuel is 120 liters (but let’s spread a pitiful veil on how much it costs to fill it today…).

Lightweight bed

The drop-down bed, divided into two segments to make it adhere to the roof, goes down simply by pulling it down and up by pushing it. You don’t need too much force, so its management is within the reach of any crew member. The only thing that did not fully convince us of this system is that in the raised position there is no room for pillows, which must therefore be placed elsewhere during the day. However, the slatted base and the high quality mattress ensure a comfortable sleep.

The last mention goes to the mechanics: the classic 2.3-liter Fiat Ducato with 130 horsepower and a 6-speed manual gearbox, a vehicle we had never had the opportunity to drive for so long. We liked it a lot for the torque available and for the favorable range: in our opinion, more power on a vehicle of this size is not needed. Even in the mountains (we climbed the Asiago plateau) it is a pleasure to drive it. As for consumption, having carefully avoided the motorways, we have reached the remarkable average of 12 km per liter of fuel. The châssis with matching bumpers is equipped with manual climate control, electric windows and double airbags.

Double floor

We liked this Gulliver’s a lot: it has excellent technical equipment (just think of the double floor, the 6kW Combi, the marine tank, the motorized drain valves), excellent performance and dimensions that can take it practically anywhere. In addition, there is also a removable motorcycle holder with a capacity of 150 kilos that allows you to carry bicycles (including electric ones) or scooters with you without problems. All this reaching a total length that does not exceed 6.2 meters. The equipment is completed by the Fiamma awning, the Remis pleated blinds in the cabin and the double electric step.

If you like it too, know that Gulliver’s – after allowing us to test its qualities – is putting it up for sale with less 90,000 km. Not before having completely reconditioned it. The thing we liked least, which is the fiery red finish of the countertops, will be eliminated in favor of something more understated. If you like them like this and are interested in purchasing, you still have time to stop work to confirm this color (or to choose a custom one). If, on the other hand, you read this piece too late, contact Gulliver’s to find out if the medium is still available. The asking price is €50,000 (SOLD).

Technical specification:

  • Make and model: Gulliver 560 (2011)
  • Type: semi-integrated
  • Dimensions length-width-height: 560 x 205 x 280 cm
  • Travel/bed places: 4/4
  • Mass in running order: na
  • Fully loaded mass: 3,500 kg
  • Payload: na
  • Mechanics/power: Fiat Ducato 2.3l/130hp
  • Low frame: Fiat
  • Climate control: manual
  • Cruise control: no
  • Passenger airbag: yes
  • Fog lights: no
  • Automatic gearbox: no
  • Construction: monocoque
  • Double floor: yes, technical with through locker
  • Cockpit pleated blinds: yes
  • Door with mosquito net: no
  • Central locking: yes (cabin only)
  • Heating: Truma Combi 6 D (diesel)
  • Kitchen: with two burners, piezolectric ignition
  • Refrigerator: 80 liter absorption
  • Gas cylinders: 2 x 11 kg
  • Shower: integrated with grating and curtains fixed to the floor
  • Service battery: 100Ah
  • Clear water: 240 liters
  • Gray waters: na
  • Gray insulation: yes, in the double floor
  • Electric step: yes
  • Heated floor: no
  • Garage: no
  • Km traveled: <90,000
  • Asking price: € 50,000

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