Eberspächer Ebercool: the cooler to fight the heat also suitable for those who do not like air conditioning

April 13, 2021 – The heat is hot for everyone, and in a motorhome it is sometimes more unbearable than at home. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find a shady place and, in any case, during the summer heat even this solution often does not solve the problem, just as it is not enough to keep the windows and skyroofs open and maybe even the door. Someone tries with fans, a solution that is certainly not decisive. Last summer we added the Turbo Kit by Fiamma to the maxi-skyroof of our Falkor, capable of both extracting air and acting as a fan, but we realized that, when it’s really hot and the sultry heat that is the most terrible, the effect is practically imperceptible.

Others choose the classic air conditioner, but not everyone likes air conditioning and the energy consumption requires connection to the electricity grid or the presence of a generator. A valid alternative is represented by evaporative coolers, a sector which until now was the exclusive land of Vigia Viesa which now faces, for the first time, a competitor: Eberspächer. These systems, which are installed on the roof, have among their strengths the possibility of working with 12 Volt current. Eberspächer has announced the availability in Italy, for the first time, of its Ebercool. Throughout the summer it will be offered by the Eberspächer network of workshops at the special price of €1,450 including VAT and installation. The kit is designed for installation in a standard 40 by 40 centimeter hole, possibly in place of an existing skyroof.

The operation of the Ebercool is based on water and the physical principle of evaporation: it simply circulates the air through a special filter that is constantly humidified. By evaporating, the water extracts heat from the air, resulting in a pleasantly cool current. A clean technology, which does not use refrigerant gases that are harmful to the environment and has limited electricity consumption.

This product is light (weighs only 17 kg) and silent, thanks to the absence of the compressor. Furthermore, it offers a high air flow rate, equal to 800 cubic meters per hour, numerous adjustment possibilities, a diffuser with six circular outlets – which allows the flow to be optimally oriented – a replaceable fungicide cartridge to avoid the formation of mold in the filter and protection of the battery with monitoring of the residual charge.

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