TEST – Fiamma Cargo Back for Carry-Byke soft luggage bag + Kit Frame Cargo Back


  • Practical and light
  • Good capacity
  • Quick installation and fastening


  • Condensation easily forms inside
  • The action of the sun’s rays is evident on the logo
  • To load bulky objects, the transverse tubes must be removed

Suggested price to the public: €89,10 (Cargo Back) + €54,70 (Kit Frame)

August 12, 2019 – Space in a motorhome is never enough. And if the vehicle coincides with one’s home, it is evident that the efforts to optimize the capacity must multiply. Our Falkor, although comparable to the legendary Tardis of Doctor Who, is still “short” 5.4 meters. Its spaces seem almost magical in relation to the total size, but they cannot translate into miracles. For example, the rear locker is sufficient to hold a toolbox, wedges to level the camper when necessary, electric cable with reel, double water hose with reel (one normal and one flat), folding aluminum table with roll-up top, umbrella and two umbrella chairs with high back. But deckchairs or beach beds just don’t fit!

A few weeks ago we were on Lake Maggiore on a beautiful sunny day. To work we immediately used the table and chairs, but when it was time to relax we lacked something more suitable. On our way home, we stopped at Camping Sport Magenta and there the compulsive purchase started: the soft Cargo Back bag for Carry-Byke, or the bike rack.

The soft structure, as we imagined, is definitely very impractical, so the choice to match the Frame kit is practically obligatory. This frame is very light and made of aluminum tubes joined by plastic corners: it is assembled in a few minutes in a fairly intuitive way (the fittings are all the same, while the tubes have only three different lengths) and fits perfectly inside the Cargo Back. The latter, is equipped with sturdy hinges for opening and closing. The only negative note is that there is no safety closure. It is true that since the container is made of fabric it is easily “cracked”, but we do not like the idea of not having the possibility to attempt a minimum security of the content.

The installation on the bike carrier, in our case a Lift 77 model with three rails, takes place by means of simple straps. Everything is quick and intuitive. The depth dimensions are limited to 35 centimeters (the other measures are 120 centimeters wide by 70 high) and the result is that one of the three tracks remains uncovered. Unfortunately, the idea of loading a bike does not seem reasonable: first of all because at least one pedal would have to be removed (which would otherwise interfere with the bag), but above all because the greater weight of the bike would be on the outside and not on the inside. Perhaps it would have been more reasonable for Fiamma to think of a version of the Cargo Back with a slightly greater depth, thus making the most of the available space.

Opening and closing the bag, with the sturdy nylon zippers, are not particularly complicated or tiring, since the fabric is not stretched to the spasm, but only properly supported by the frame. The only real nuisance is the two transverse tubes, which reduce the width of the loading mouth: to insert bulky objects, sometimes you have to disassemble them, putting them back in their seat after filling the container.

An interesting detail is the presence of a rear pocket designed to accommodate the sign indicating protruding loads: this avoids having to fix it with elastic bands every time, as happens when transporting bicycles.

The actual validity of the Cargo Back will only be measured over time, given that the greatest doubt concerns its duration in bad weather. For now, after a couple of months of use, let’s note the already discolored Fiamma logo. The water tightness (we took several showers) seems good, but the humidity that is created inside is remarkable, so much so that in some moments the objects are almost wet. If we have other news, positive or negative, we will not fail to update you. To complete the information on this soft luggage case, we would like to point out that the price suggested to the public by Fiamma is €89.10, while that of the Kit Frame is €54.70 (€143.80 total). We paid them €74 and €46.20 (total €120.20).

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Paolo Galvani

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Born in 1964, he has been a professional journalist since 1990 and an entrepreneur since 2007. He has been involved in technology since the end of the 1980s, first as a journalist and then as a specialized translator, and for about three decades he has loved traveling in a motorhome. Since the end of May 2019 he has become a "fulltimer". In July 2019 he launched the blog seimetri.it