Rear dinette on a compact vehicle? The Spanish Across Car has chosen it

January 1, 2021 – The rear lounge does not usually garner great acclaim, especially as it limits load capacities. However, there is a small circle of lovers of this solution, which has the great advantage of making the vehicle extremely comfortable when you are not sleeping. We are also among the supporters, who as fulltimers spend many hours a day aboard the motorhome, especially in winter. The philosophy of the rear dinette has always fascinated us, but it is not easy to find, especially on smaller vehicles.

One of our favorite vehicles is the (expensive) Eura Mobil Integra Line 650 HS motorhome, which in 6.5 meters brings together some of the concepts we like most. Remaining in a more affordable environment, the vans of the Spanish Bunkervan have registered a fair amount of interest, so much so that the article we dedicated to them is one of the most read on our blog. Around 6 meters there is not much else around, although we reserve the right to “sift through” the price lists a little better to see if any other manufacturer has a proposal of this kind.

Spanish customization

Meanwhile, we have found another gem. A few months ago, thanks to the resourcefulness of CamperBusiness, the Spanish Across Car appeared on the Italian market, an outfitter who, in addition to offering vehicles with a very high degree of customization, has also developed a very large numerically standardized proposal. There is talk of over 40 variants, including semi-integrated, coachbuilt and camper vans. And among the latter the solutions we are talking about stand out. Too bad that the availability of photographic material and technical information is limited, so we had to extract and images you see from the PDF catalog.

There are two models with a rear lounge: the 340 DS, just 6 meters long, and the 410 DD measuring 6.40 meters. But the 390 version also appears in the catalog, which in the rear offers a dinette with opposing benches that can be converted into a double bed. However, the layout in detail and the technical characteristics are missing. However, it is proof that the Spaniards really like this solution.

Mechanics for all tastes

In general, the vehicles are fitted on Volkswagen Crafter, Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter or Renault Master mechanics with a 3.3 ton chassis and among the common features there are the air conditioning in the cabin, radio system, bumpers in body color (if white), the Webasto Dual Top Evo 6 heating which also takes care of the production of hot water (11 liters) and maxi-rooflight 70 by 50 centimeters. The refrigerator is a trivalent (gas, 12V and 230V) 80 liters. Although the heating is diesel, the compartment for the cylinders can contain 2 cylinders with a capacity of 13 kilos each.

The model that attracts us the most is the smallest. The Camper 340 DS has a rear lounge, overlaid by a double drop down bed 130 by 180 centimeters (optional from €1,200). The dimensions are therefore not abundant and even if you want to exploit the dinette you don’t go much further: 135 by 181 centimeters. The other fascinating aspect of this motorhome is the toilet, which features a completely separate shower compartment in a vehicle of just six meters! The drinking and recovery water tanks are 100 liters each. The version built on 140 horsepower Fiat mechanics equipped with cruise control (but not with a passenger airbag), is offered in Italy for €47,750.

Same concept, but bigger

Evaluating a length of 636 centimeters, the Camper 410 DD comes into play, which however is not indicated on the CamperBusiness website and we do not know if it is imported. On the catalog and website, the photos of this model are hidden and therefore you have to work with your imagination. However, even in this case the Spaniards have created a rear lounge and a large bathroom with separate shower. In the front area the choice is to have a longitudinal bench in front of the entrance door and a small table. Despite the greater length, the dimensions of the bed do not change.

On the other hand, it is possible to add a drop down bed also in the front part, without however solving the problem of length, on the contrary: in the face of a width of 135 centimeters this bed stops at 175 centimeters. The technical features are identical to those of the smaller model, including the 3.3-ton chassis: a strange choice given the larger dimensions. The price for the Spanish market is 48,950 euros.

The ghost model

In the catalog, a page of photos is dedicated to the Camper 390 CD model, also absent from the Italian importer’s website. Apparently built on six-meter mechanics, it is dedicated to a crew of 3. In this case, the rear dinette has opposite benches and can be converted into a double bed for the night. At the front, a single seat allows the third passenger to travel seated with seat belts, while a side bench opposite the tailgate converts into a single bed for the night. Above you can have a tilting double bed, but the mattress sizes are not indicated. The central part is reserved for the services, with the toilet compartment with integrated shower opposite the kitchen. A particular feature of this van, given the unusual layout, is the possibility of use by a person with disabilities.

Across Car seems to have original ideas even in compact semi-integrated models. On Liberamente … in a camper, for example, you will find a “lived” test by Cristiano Gianmaria Fabris of the Aero Compact 567 LD model on Renault mechanics: front drop down bed and rear bunk beds, demonstrating that formulas can also be found on Seimetri vehicles different from the more common standard scheme that sees the fixed bed for the couple at the rear of the vehicle. And in the catalog there are even more particular means… There is no shortage of ideas: this brand is ready to conquer its space also in Italy.


  • Length-Width-Height: 600 x 205 x 262 cm
  • Travel seats: 4
  • Sleeping: 4
  • Mass in running order: 2.690 kg
  • Fully loaded mass: 3.300 kg
  • Useful load: 610 kg
  • Wheelbase: 4.035 mm
  • Basic chassis: Fiat Ducato 2,3/140 hp
  • Optional chassis: Fiat Ducato 2,3/160 hp (€2.050) o 177 hp (€3.750)
  • Frame: Lowered Fiat with widened rear track
  • AC: manual (automatic €450)
  • Cruise control: included
  • Passenger airbag: opt (€300)
  • Fog lights: opt (€150)
  • Alloy wheels: opt (€450€ 15”, €550 16”)
  • Car radio with navigation system: opt (€1.000)
  • Rear camera: opt (€300 with monitor)
  • Automatic gearbox: opt (€2.850)
  • 200A alternator: opt (€200)
  • Layout: single horseshoe-shaped rear dinette
  • Drop down bed: opt (130 x 180 cm, €1.200)
  • Dinette bed size: 135 x 181 cm
  • Internal height: 190 cm
  • Cab blinds: nd
  • Side door with mosquito net: nd
  • Electric step: opt (€350)
  • Central locking system: included
  • Heating system: diesel Webasto Dual Top Evo 6 with 11-liters boiler
  • Kitchen: nd
  • Fridge: 8o lt, 3-way
  • Cylinder: 2×13
  • Shower: independent
  • Habitation battery: nd
  • Drinking water: 100 liters
  • Grey waters: 100 liters
  • Insulated grey waters: nd
  • Heated floor: no
  • Garage: no
  • List price from: €47.750

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