Motorhome Eura Mobil Integra Line 650 HS: like having a royal living room in just 6.5 meters

January 16, 2020 – Today we want to take you to discover what is the extreme limit of the six-meter band: a motorhome 650 centimeters long. It is true that we are starting to talk about a vehicle that, compared to the 599 cm long “classic” vans or motorhomes, loses a bit of handling, but a glance at the interior is enough to fall in love with it. We are talking about the Eura Mobil Integra Line 650 HS, which stands out for its unparalleled living area: a rear lounge that makes comfort and conviviality its flagships. Describing it is of little use: a photo is enough to understand its originality.

The entrance door divides the driver’s cabin, dominated by the transverse drop-down bed (150 by 185 centimeters in size, 78 the height from the ground when lowered), from the rest of the vehicle and gives direct access to the kitchen area: a trapezoidal cabinet with stainless steel sink, three gas burners and a sufficient work surface, considering the size of the motorhome and the characteristics of the living area. Under the kitchen counter and in the two overhead cabinets there is ample space for crockery and supplies. The two seats in the cabin swivel and can be used for some impromptu relaxation, with a support surface under which there is another large locker. The waste bin is integrated into the entrance door, equipped with a window and mosquito net.

In front of the kitchen there is the bathroom, the 140-liter 3-way refrigerator (with a cabinet on top) and the large floor-to-ceiling wardrobe. The toilet area integrates the shower, with the swivel sink that leaves space when it is in use. A rooflight ensures air exchange, while a window is not provided.

The show take place in the back

The real show take place in the back, where the huge rear lounge offers seating on three sides. The sofa measures 2 meters wide by 1.40 meters in length (same values for the double bed that is obtained by lowering the table) and has a seat depth of 65 centimeters. In the back dividing the seats from the kitchen there is a compartment intended to accommodate a TV: the one offered by Eura Mobil as an option is a 32 inch! The whole environment is extremely bright: not only the dinette is served by three huge windows and a large rooflight, but the light-colored furniture enhances this feature. Wall units that run on all three sides offer plenty of storage space.

This arrangement makes it possible to have, in correspondence with the dinette, a very large locker, served by two doors, one on each side, measuring 60 by 55 centimeters. The capacity is about 1,500 liters, but the height does not allow for bicycles.

From a mechanical point of view, the basis chosen by Eura Mobil is the 2.3-liter Fiat Ducato with a power of 140 horsepower, 3.8-meter wheelbase and low-frame Fiat chassis (the larger models adopt the Al-Ko). This made it possible to create an 11 cm high double floor used as a technical compartment which increases insulation. Basically, the Integra Line 650 HS is registered with a capacity of 3.5 tons, but as an option it is possible to go up to 4.4. The declared curb weight is 3,010 kilograms, which leaves a load capacity of 490 kilos. A crew of 2 could be enough, while if you are 4, perhaps it is better to consider a greater range (and consequently the C1 license).

Almost everything is standard

It must be said that in terms of options (and therefore weight) there is not much to add: this motorhome already has 16-inch alloy wheels, air conditioning in the cabin, cruise control, passenger airbag, DAB radio with rear view camera, pneumatic pressure sensor, electric mirrors, 140 liter fresh water tank, insulated and heated recovery tank with electric drain (100 liters), pleated blinds in the cabin, 80Ah gel battery, TV set-up.

In the end, it can leave us groped by higher engines (160 or 180 horsepower) or by the automatic gearbox, but otherwise the packages offered by the manufacturer are, for once, really optional. In the one called Prestige (€1,300) there is a leather steering wheel with remote controls, automatic climate control and radio with navigator; in the Art (€2,790) there are wipers with winter position, electrically closing windscreen blinds, double thermal side windows, Truma DuoControl, heat exchanger for Truma and Truma Combi 6 EH heating (with electric heaters); for €2,990 you can have the Artic package but with Alde water heating instead of the Truma system.

Constructively, Eura Mobil uses wood-free walls (30 mm for walls and roof, 38 for the floor) and an external fiberglass cladding. From the description you will have understood that the Eura Mobil Integra Line 650 HS is certainly not a cheap product. The list price “ex works” is €82,600, but once you add solar panels, an external awning and any bike or motorcycle rack you will not only have a medium-high range motorhome, but above all an internal layout that many will envy you.

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