BunkerVan: if the living area ends up at the rear with a drop-down bed, the van also conquers space

October 31, 2019 – Living in a motorhome we have changed our point of view on the interior layout of recreational vehicles. In particular, we are convinced that the solution to have very liveable interior spaces in small vehicles is necessary to “make the bed disappear”. This does not mean having to do it every evening by transforming the dinette (a chore!), but having drop-down bed that drops on the fly only when needed, possibly leaving the possibility of sitting down in the living area below. If you know our Falkor, you know what we are talking about. For some time we have had the idea that in a standard van such a thing can only be achieved by moving the living area to the rear, with a drop-down bed.

The Spaniards of BunkerVan think like us, and they have not limited themselves to creating a van with this characteristic, but have created an entire family on a Fiat Ducato with a high roof (H2), which even starts from the “long” version 4.96 meters. In the maps you see below there is the whole offer of the Iberian producer, which is characterized by a front part with bathroom and wardrobe facing the kitchen and a rear area with a rear lounge and drop-down bed.

The Travel versions, fitted on 5.99 and 6.36 meter vehicles, even have twin beds. For all, the kitchen is two burners with sink equipped with mixer and fridge ranging in size from 90 to 130 liters. The drinking water reserve is 125 liters and there is a double recovery tank (80 + 45 liters). The heating is on diesel. The passenger seat swivels, and thanks to the extension of the kitchen top it can become a comfortable hallway.

The weakest point of this idea is represented by the stowage spaces. The kitchen has three drawers (very small in the Urban model, of a more adequate size in the others), while for the clothes there is a wardrobe for hanging clothes and a compartment underneath. In the living area, given the presence of the drop-down bed, the wall units are missing, while the two side chests are accessible from the inside. Interesting is the solution adopted in the Family 599 and Team Travel 636, which have a huge locker (the capacity is about 1,100 liters) in the back, able to also contain a bicycle (along with many other stuff).

Al momento BunkerVan non ha un importatore italiano. La società si trova ad Alpedrete, a poche decine di chilometri da Madrid. I prezzi “franco fabbrica” partono dai circa 47 mila euro dello Urban per arrivare a poco più di 52 mila e 500 per il Team Travel 636.

At the moment BunkerVan does not have an Italian importer. The company is located in Alpedrete, a few tens of kilometers from Madrid. Prices “ex works” start at around €47,000 for the Urban to reach just over €52,500 for the Team Travel 636.

BunkerVan Urban:

BunkerVan Family S:

BunkerVan Family 599:

BunkerVan Team Travel:

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