Hippie Caviar Hotel: a multipurpose van designed by Renault as a 5-star hotel room

August 16, 2021 – Visionary. This is the most appropriate definition that we would give to the prototype announced by Renault and that we should see within a couple of weeks at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. Starting with the name, Hippie Caviar Hotel, everything suggests unbridled (and reasonably unfeasible) fantasy. But dreaming is beautiful so why not do it?

Renault’s idea is to have a very, very compact vehicle, based on the new version of the Trafic with electric powertrain coming next year (no hint of performance or range at this stage) with a low H1 roof. Mobility at the highest levels, innovative interior style, original ideas such as the “solarium” on the roof and above all a flood of (unlikely) additional services for a “select experience with services worthy of a 5-star hotel”, as the press release spread by the French house states.

The “contemplation” position

There are no detailed photos or renderings yet (otherwise what’s new in Düsseldorf?), But instead there is a sea of ​​description words: from “a van for stargazing from its roof terrace” to “an offbeat mix of escape and 5-star hotel luxury”. In the middle, the description of a vehicle inside which you should find a modular furniture that includes a bench that can be converted into a bed (its dimensions: 145 by 195 centimeters) that can be placed inside or outside the vehicle.

In the ‘contemplation’ position, the open tailgate and its draperies provide privacy and protection from the weather,” explains the press release. “In the ‘cosy’ position, the bench seat and the corner armchair create a lounge area. The rooftop terrace, complete with a coffee table and two removable backrests, offers another view of your surroundings. The rooftop can be accessed from an extractable ladder”.

The bathroom delivered on site!

Other details on equipment and furniture were not disclosed. There will certainly be no bathroom, but here comes the idea of ​​offering very ambitious services on request. This is how Renault describes them: “Hippie Caviar Hotel offers a ‘select’ experience with services worthy of a 5-star hotel: delivery of a logistics container (shower, lavatory, electric recharging point, etc.) to the location chosen by the customer, concierge services to be ordered online with delivery by drone on the roof or on the bench in the ‘contemplation’ position. Not to mention additional services such as the provision of bicycles. Every detail has been considered in order to offer a 5-star camper van experience at a time when demand is exploding”. Honestly not very credible as an offer that can be really implemented.

Of all this “vision”, however, an accurate interior design remains. “Hippie Caviar Hotel […] consists of a cabin at the front, in a glittery water-green colour called ‘Almond Flakes’, and a room at the rear in ‘Anodised Silver Grey’,” explains the press release. “The design is inspired by 5-star hotel rooms, refined and rich in natural materials. The wicker-effect dashboard is enhanced by a leather band. The use of materials, such as exotic wood, natural fibres (linen and wool) and plant-based foam, is a nod to nature. The Japanese paper-effect ‘washi’ paints add an architectural and contemporary style. The colours and materials embody the optimism and freedom of the 1960s, when travel was immersed in a world of fresh but controlled colours, both invigorating and relaxing”.

Just a show car or the beginning of an era?

We will see from August 27 how Renault imagined the interior of its new demonstration vehicle. “Hippie Caviar Hotel is our take on the nomadic hotel concept, based on connected services. This Renault show car ushers in major projects”, commented Arnaud Belloni, VP, Renault Brand, Global Marketing. The hope is that this is not a flash in the pan, but the beginning of an effective and decisive entry by the company into the world of recreational vehicles.

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