Undecided between camper van and semi-integrated? Challenger offers the X150 model, which combines the best of both worlds!

January 21, 2021 – If we were working in a newspaper it would be time to exclaim “Stop the presses!”. The news we were waiting for has arrived: our ideal vehicle is back. It was created by the French people of Challenger, who had already proposed the 180 model in the past. In less than six meters in length they have inserted a dinette with opposing sofas and a transversal bathroom in the rear. Compared to its predecessor, however, this winks even more at the camper van segment. The width, in fact, has been limited to 210 centimeters, making the vehicle much easier to park. Its name is Challenger X150.

The aesthetics stand out quite clearly both from that of the classic vans and from the semi-integrated ones. With a much more “present” graphic underlined by red lines. In the front, where the LED daytime running lights are provided, the bumper is painted in the same color (white) with the bodywork, while the rear wall is characterized by elaborate but elegant shapes, certainly different from the classic white “wall” that often characterizes the traditional vehicles.

Sofas that become armchairs

Inside the Challenger X150, the color combinations of the upholstery and furniture stand out, aiming to create a welcoming environment. The opposing sofas can be transformed with a few gestures into two single forward facing armchairs with safety belts and Isofix attachments for the child seats. Daylight is guaranteed by a large window on the left side, by the small dome on the driver’s cabin, on which sides there are two useful open compartments, and by the window on the entrance door (equipped with mosquito net). Instead, strangely, a window is missing on the right side.

Behind the dinette is the kitchen, with a two-burner steel hob with piezoelectric ignition and a separate good-sized sink. The support surface at the front can be expanded thanks to a side flap. This area is served by a rooflight and a dedicated window. The stowage space, between drawers and large drawers below and the upper double-leaf wall unit, seems more than adequate. On the opposite side is a large, narrow column refrigerator with a capacity of 134 liters. It runs on gas, 12V and 230V and has an automatic energy selection function. On its left side, next to the entrance door, there is a TV stand that can accommodate a 24-inch device.

Two double beds, one electric

The single leg table can be folded like a book and lowered electrically, to act as a base for any transformation of the dinette into a double bed or simply to lower the electric drop-down bed to the height of the benches. Both have dimensions of 190 by 140 centimeters.

Moving towards the back, before the actual toilet compartment, you come to an area that we could define as an anteroom, because it can be separated from the front area through the door that normally keeps the vertical wardrobe closed. The latter starts from the floor and goes up to the ceiling and is divided with a hanger space and a series of shelves. In front, there is a vertical locker accessible both from the inside and from the outside, useful for storing outdoor table and chairs, tools and various accessories.

Finally, the bathroom goes from side to side. On the left side is the toilet bowl, above which the generously sized sink opens with a tilting movement. The shower, which extends to the center of the vehicle, has an equipped column and a shutter door that creates an independent environment. At the top there is a rod for hanging wet clothes and a rooflight for lighting and ventilation.

Challenger X150 Open Edition: full optional

The Challenger X150 will be available in an Open Edition which on a 140 horsepower Fiat Ducato base comes standard with 16-inch alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights, fog lights, reclosable electric mirrors, cab blinds, entrance door with window, mosquito net and centralized lock and TV support. The heating is diesel with 4kW power, while a 10-liter boiler is provided for the hot water. The clear and gray water tanks are both 100 liter. In terms of size, the overall height is limited to 275 centimeters, while inside the data sheet speaks of 198 centimeters. The weight data is interesting: the mass in running order should be limited to 2,700 kilos, leaving a payload of 800 kilograms.

Although there are no references to cabin climate control, cruise control and dual airbags in the official documentation, we believe that these elements will be included among the features of the Open Edition. The X150 will be on roadshow at Italian dealers starting from March and will be offered, including the Pack Connect (DAB / Bluetooth car radio with touch screen and steering wheel controls and reversing camera), at €59,990. The same vehicle, with the same price and equipment, will also be offered with the Chausson brand, named X550. The only differences are the profile of the blue external graphics (instead of red) and the color of the upholstery inside.

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