A clean and scented toilet with Thetford specific detergents

June 28, 2021 – The bathroom, like the kitchen, is one of the rooms that is used the most and gets the dirtiest. This also applies to the motorhome. And when home and motorhome are the same, as in our case, the toilet is used daily, unlike those who use their vehicle only for holidays and a few weekends during the year. Clearly you cannot use the same products that are good for ceramic cups and washbasins, such as the classic anti-limescale and detergent sprays. But Thetford, which needs no introduction, has thought of this with 3 specific products for cleaning and perfuming the toilet.

Thanks to our collaboration with Thetford, we have “discovered” the Aqua Rinse Spray, a very comfortable and effective product, especially in this period when it is already very hot. You do not have to make great efforts, just spray it inside the toilet bowl before or after rinsing to have a good fragrance and prevent the formation of stains. We use it daily, even a couple of times a day and we are very satisfied. Moreover, it allows the spillage into the septic tank.

In combination with the Aqua Rinse Spray we use another Thetford product, the Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Once a day we pour it, trying to distribute it evenly, into the toilet bowl, leave it to act for at least five minutes, then use the brush to clean and immediately rinse. We are not “obsessed”, but we like cleanliness and this cleaner is really effective for sanitizing the toilet.

So far, we have talked about products for cleaning and sanitizing the inside of the toilet, but as you well know, the toilet also gets dirty on the outside: stains, splashes, dust and so on. And it’s certainly not a pretty sight. For this purpose, we use Thetford Bathroom Cleaner, a spray cleaner for daily use, which is used to easily and thoroughly clean all plastic surfaces inside and outside the bathroom. After spraying it, just wipe with a damp cloth to remove all dirt and rinse. If you really want to do a fine job, you can go over the surfaces with a soft, dry cloth.

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