Thetford Seal Lubricant: the silicone spray for the toilet cassette seal and even more!

September 9, 2021 – When returning from holidays, it is always a good idea to clean our vehicle thoroughly before “putting it to rest”. By doing this, it is also worth doing a minimum of scheduled maintenance, to relieve the stress to which we have subjected all the components of the van. In the bathroom, the toilet cistern seal should not be neglected: using it continuously and coming out of the hottest season of the year it could in fact have stiffened slightly, or dirt could have crept into the interstices causing small leaks of liquids when transported for emptying.

Cassette fit in 2 steps

Two simple steps will allow us to get her back completely in shape. After washing the cassette thoroughly, we can remove the seal. To do this, simply remove the 2 small protective plastic elements (they are just pressed together) and then unscrew the 8 screws. Pay attention to the direction in which the seal is inserted in order to reposition it correctly after cleaning.

To top it all off, a nice splash of silicone spray will help keep our seal soft and efficient. Thetford offers Seal Lubricant, specially developed for the rubber seals of the cassette toilet. And when you have a product like this, it’s useless to keep it aging: you can use it to lubricate and protect any plastic or rubber element!

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