Hymer: with the semi-integrated Exsis-t 374, it aims for twin beds in less than 6 meters

October 31, 2020 – For some years now, Hymer has begun to “expand” the size of its smaller vehicles. The days of our legendary Exsis are now over. However, despite everything, German designers continue to have some original ideas. Leafing through the proposals for the new season (Hymer did not participate in any of the sector fairs), you will find a single model that is under six meters, obviously excluding camper vans: the semi-integrated Exsis-t 374, built on the prestigious low chassis Al-Ko, which made it possible to obtain a useful technical double floor.

On this length, the German company could limit itself to carrying out the task like most manufacturers: it would have been enough to put a nice transverse rear double bed over a large garage and everything else would come by itself. By creating yet another product that is the same, as an arrangement, to all the others.

In the direction of the market

Market demands, however, go in another direction, and so the original appearance of this vehicle is the presence of two twin beds in an incredibly short overall length. Of course, this choice involves other sacrifices, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, but those who prefer the outdoors while traveling, attributing the highest importance to rest, can find in this unusual solution the answer to their wishes.

Not having had the opportunity to see this vehicle live, we have to tell you about it just by looking at the images, from which the Hymer style immediately emerges, even with attention to detail. This Exsis has a semi-dinette whose greatest value is a careful shaping of the bench cushions, which at sight seems designed to ensure good comfort. From the photos, the table appears instead of limited depth. In the living area there is a large opening panoramic dome (optional), a maxi-lightroof and the door with window, mosquito net and integrated waste bin. This last offer, however, as a paid option. Instead, the electric step is standard. The wall units extend into the part above the driver’s cabin with closed doors.

Necessary sacrifices

As mentioned at the beginning, the most sacrificed part is that of services. The kitchen is truly at a minimum, with a single molded steel that contains a pair of burners and a sink of minimal size. A worktop of modest dimensions is obtained only by raising the flap, which however occupies the space of the door. The refrigerator is positioned under the kitchen module and has a capacity of 85 liters, but it is not specified whether it is 3-way or compressor. Storage space is limited to a wall unit, a cutlery drawer and a narrow vertical compartment closed by a door.

On the opposite side is the bathroom, obviously built in a single room – square, 70 centimeters on each side – protected by a sliding shutter door in plastic material. In an era in which products are not exhibited at fairs and physical travel is not recommended, it seems absurd that on the company’s website there is not even a photo of the toilet compartment: the 360-degree view shows the closed room, while the images of the Exsis-t range are dedicated to bathrooms of other models. To understand more, we can rely only on the map, which highlights a room without a window and a sink that disappears above the toilet bowl. However, the technical data sheet indicates the presence of an unusual (for a bathroom) square rooflight with a side of 40 centimeters.

In general, forgive us for the digression, there are very few images of this model, both on the Hymer website and in the printed catalog. To show you this vehicle outside, for example, we “stole” the images from Magli Caravan in Ozzano dell’Emilia (BO), which sold one in recent weeks and is an official Hymer dealer.

Twins in 6 meters

The strength of the smallest of the Exsis is the bedroom, developed on two twin beds that can be transformed into a large double if necessary. In the long list of technical features, the Hymer marketing forgot to enter the bed sizes, so we don’t know how cozy the two beds are. What is certain is that the one on the driver’s side is shorter.

The beds are raised (accessible via two storage steps) to accommodate a pair of coat hangers and, in the rear, a garage compartment. The measures of the latter are unknown, but the door is 65 by 106 centimeters. There are no exterior photos and therefore it is assumed that the side opening is only one. As an option, a second door can be requested on the rear wall.

Returning to the bedroom, the stowage space that is missing a little at the front is recovered in this area, served by five wall units and two open compartments. Sunlight and air exchange are guaranteed by a pair of side windows and another 40 cm rooflight. The sleeping area is separated from the front with a sliding curtain.

Protected gray waters

The plant part of the Exsis sees gas heating via Truma Combi 4 (version 6 is optional), served by a pair of 11 kg cylinders. Thanks to the Al-Ko frame, the tanks for clear and gray water are both in a protected position and can hold 100 liters each. This 374-t also stands out for its lightness (the mass in running order of the basic version is 2,653 kilos, with a payload of 847 kilos) and limited width (212 cm body, 222 with open mirrors). There are 4 approved seats, while for the night it is possible to add, on request, a third bed of a size suitable only for a child or a person of short stature, obtained from the semi-dinette (165 by 78 centimeters).

The value you pay for

On the side of the mechanics, Hymer prefers to start with the base 120 horsepower Fiat Ducato, leaving the more powerful 140, 160 and 177 horsepower versions as an option, as well as the comfortable nine-speed automatic gearbox. The air conditioning for the cabin and the automatic cruise control are not standard, as well as the 16-inch wheels and the bumper painting in the same color. To include these equipment, together with the pleated blinds in the cabin, you must order the Chassis 1 package, which is offered for €1,940.

Front fairing and equipped door are offered with the Comfort Plus 2 package (€1,840), while the price list starts at €60,190. In short, if you want this small semi-integrated with the accessories that we consider indispensable and with the 140 horsepower engine, you have to evaluate a budget that is around €65,000. Is it worth it? The judgment is subjective, but the technical and constructive qualities are indisputable.


  • Length-Width-Height: 599 x 212 x 277 cm
  • Travel seats: 4
  • Beds: 2+1 opt (305€)
  • Mass in running order: 2.653 kg
  • Fully loaded mass: 3.500 kg
  • Useful load: 847 kg
  • Optional fully laden mass: 3.650 kg (€270)
  • Wheelbase: 3.500 mm
  • Basic chassis: Fiat Ducato 2,3/120 hp
  • Optional chassis: Fiat Ducato 2,3/140,160 o 177 hp
  • Frame: Al-Ko
  • Increased fuel tank: 90 litres (opt, €105)
  • Air conditioning: opt (€1.530 or €1.940 with Châssis 1 Pack)
  • Cruise control: opt (€300€ oppure €1.940 with Châssis 1 Pack)
  • Passenger airbag: yes
  • Fog lights: opt (€230)
  • 16″ wheels: opt (€195 iron, €650 alloy)
  • Car radio: opt (from €465 to €3.070)
  • Rear camera: opt (€3.070 with multimedia and sat nav systems)
  • Automatic gearbox: opt (€3.580 only with 140 hp engines or higher)
  • Construction: sandwich with aluminum and fiberglass coatings and wood-free PUAL interior
  • Floor/wall/roof thicknesses: 41/34/34 mm
  • Double floor: technical
  • Layout: twin beds
  • Living: semidinette
  • Main beds size: n.d.
  • Third bed size: 165 x 78 cm
  • Internal height: 198 cm
  • Cockpit blinds: opt (€1.840 in the Comfort Plus 2 Pack)
  • Door with mosquito net: opt (€1.840 in the Comfort Plus 2 Pack)
  • Centralized lock: nd
  • Transparent front fairing: opt (€1.220 or €1.840 in the Comfort Plus 2 Pack)
  • Heating system: gas Truma Combi 4 (Combi 6 opt €595)
  • Kitchen: 2 burners
  • Fridge: 85 lt, technology n.a.
  • Cylinders: 2×11
  • Shower: integrated (wood grating opt €150)
  • Habitation battery: 1x95Ah AGM
  • Clear waters: 100 litres
  • Grey waters: 100 litres
  • Grey waters insulation: yes
  • Electric step: yes
  • Heated floor: no
  • Garage: yes (size n.d.)
  • Price starting from: €60.190

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