BLOG starts a collaboration with Thetford to try out the toilet products in the field

May 11, 2021 – Whether you are a fulltimer or use your motorhome for weekends or holidays, you cannot ignore paying attention to the cleaning and care of the toilet and the treatment of waste water. And when you think about this sector, the first name that comes to mind is that of Thetford, the well-known company behind the new iNDUS system, which offers a wide, very wide range of products. It should not be forgotten that it also produces toilets, refrigerators, kitchen equipment, service doors and accessories.

Thetford has a product for every need. For the waste tank of the cassette and portable toilet, for example, it offers the Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated in the traditional version, to which have been added the Aqua Kem Green Concentrated, the Lavender and recently Eucalyptus, with a pleasant eucalyptus fragrance with a touch of mint. It is 2,5 times more concentrated than the traditional and, therefore, it takes much less.

For those with a flush tank there is the Aqua Rinse Concentrated, while for periodic cleaning of the black and gray water tanks we have the Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated, one of the new members of the Concentrated family. Grey Water Fresh Concentrated is dedicated to waste water, which reduces the formation of deposits in the tank, eliminating bad smells coming from the drains.

Among the wide range of Thetford products, those dedicated to cleaning and perfuming the toilet bowl could not be missing. Toilet Bowl Cleaner completely eliminates the accumulation of encrustations and protects the plastic and ceramic elements, and the toilet seals. Aqua Rinse Spray, on the other hand, is sprayed into the toilet bowl and, in addition to ensuring a long-lasting fresh scent, prevents the formation of stains and allows it to be spilled into the septic tank.

Remaining in the area of ​​cleansing, Thetford offers Bathroom Cleaner, a detergent for daily use that is used to easily and thoroughly clean all plastic surfaces inside and outside the bathroom. Finally, for the toilet seals we have the Spray Seal Lubricant, a lubricant that is also suitable for periodic maintenance, protection and lubrication of locks, hinges, awning rails, bicycles and so on.

Thetford also offers a quick and easy way to refurbish your cassette toilet. This is the Toilet Fresh-up Set, which includes a seat with lid and a waste tank with wheels. There are several versions suitable for new models, but also for those out of production.

For this reason we have entered into an agreement with Thetford that will allow us to try several of their products, many of which we already used. Keep following us and soon you will know more!

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