Into the dark (before the light?)

February 19, 2019 – Again, a long time has passed since we wrote the last notes. And once again it was a difficult time. The summary is that we are working to move into a camper by the end of May, but what happened in this period was difficult, or at least not very pleasant, to manage.

As we wrote last November, we started talking about our project to our closest relatives and the welcome, as expected, was not the best. In words, my sister did not say she was against it, except by expressing perplexity with respect to the part of the “dream”, that is, the replacement of the motorhome. In general, however, the tenor of the conversation was quite marked by incredulity, with a “mild” blessing.

Much worse went with my parents, who listened with distracted attention, pretending not to understand what our plans were. But what was embarrassing was the very first reaction: “Just don’t need the money“. Which were the last thing we wanted to ask. What hurt more was the basic skepticism, manifested in a moment when I was not present: “Paul is like that, you will see that he will change his mind“.

Compared to the real need, that is to have a support point, or in practice the use of the shower and the washing machine and some space in the box to put a small wardrobe with clothing, the emerging concern was about losing their privacy. Here are other concerns.

In short, it could have been better, but probably even worse. Despite this awareness, the mood has plummeted, linked above all to the feeling of being always available for others when a hand is needed, but not receiving as much attention when we are in need. It is also true that our “needs” can be a little more demanding than others…

In any case, what has happened in the last two months has been a sort of cooling of enthusiasm, revived however around Christmas for a few days spent in Liguria with the camper. And again cooled by the effort of developing an effective strategy for the transfer of the job in the bar. We continue to reflect on this point, trying above all to understand if it is possible in some way to move away from our city while maintaining control of the bar.

From an economic point of view, this would make things complicated, if not downright unsustainable, unless there is some stroke of luck that brings us some unforeseen Euro in cash. In our perspective, we think about a few thousand euros to be calm, let’s say between €12,000 and €16,000, to have autonomy – regardless of the income we will try to generate as digital nomads – around 12 months. We cannot forget, in fact, that over €600 in monthly installments weigh on our family budget which must obviously be honored.

In the last few weeks, having absorbed the disappointment caused by family reactions, we have returned fiercely. And we have redefined the new date on which we plan to move, with the closure of the house rent identified at the end of May. We have therefore scheduled a reorganization of the garage, which being released from the house we would rent even going to live in a camper, scheduled for next Friday. The goal is to get rid of objects that are clearly not used, and unnecessarily bulky, to make room for what we will have to take away from home, but which will not find a place in the motorhome. And then we took photos of all the furniture in the house that we want to sell within three months: basically all the pieces from Ikea, whose total value when new does not exceed €1.500, but of such dimensions that they cannot fit in the box.

Let’s see if this will be the right time!

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Paolo Galvani

Nato nel 1964, è giornalista professionista dal 1990 e imprenditore dal 2007. Si occupa di tecnologia dalla fine degli Anni '80, prima come giornalista poi come traduttore specializzato, e da circa tre decenni ama girare in camper. Dalla fine di maggio del 2019 è diventato "fulltimer". A luglio 2019 ha lanciato il blog

Born in 1964, he has been a professional journalist since 1990 and an entrepreneur since 2007. He has been involved in technology since the end of the 1980s, first as a journalist and then as a specialized translator, and for about three decades he has loved traveling in a motorhome. Since the end of May 2019 he has become a "fulltimer". In July 2019 he launched the blog