Small is beautiful: Sara and Mario to Norway, six months aboard a Bedford Rascal!

February 23, 2022 – Sara and Mario, respectively 24 and 26, both from Florence, left a few days ago in the direction of Norway on a tiny Bedford Rascal. To meet extraordinary travelers, there is no need to make extraordinary trips. We saw from the window of our temporary residence that curious vehicle with a solar panel and a luggage compartment on the roof. And we immediately understood that there was a story to tell underneath. So, we reached them and got to know them.

He is a mechanical designer, she has a degree in biology: she must obtain a master’s degree in environmental ecotoxicology which will begin, in almost six months, in Norway. Hence the idea of ​​reaching that destination calmly, discovering countries and places. On board a vehicle capable of giving emotions and, however small, also capable of carrying what is needed to fuel one’s passion. Hence the luggage compartment, which contains all the equipment for mountaineering.

The sink made from a pot

The small Rascal was set up completely on its own, with a floor covered in wood and minimal but functional systems. The 100Ah AGM battery is recharged via alternator, 220V mains charger or solar panel: 140 watts passing through a Victron MPPT regulator. The water reserve is enormous, in relation to the size of the vehicle: 50 liters. However, there is no recovery tank: the water reaches the only sink – made starting from a very common stainless-steel pot (!) with a cover decorated by Sara that reproduces a place in French Guiana – and flows from a drain under which a temporary container is placed. For cooking, a portable stove is powered by a 3-kilo Campingaz cylinder.

The minimal furnishings include a bench that converts to a double bed, a long, narrow side cabinet that serves as a pantry and a multipurpose cabinet, with the sink and two flaps that provide the necessary support surfaces. The last element that characterizes the little Bedford is… an orange tube mounted under the luggage rack. Not to hold water for the shower (in case it would have been black), but to store long items like the fishing rod, sticks, yoga mat and rollable solar shower tank.

There is just no space for the bathroom

As in the case of the Biagino, or the Piaggio Porter by Paolo and Angela (Beyond the trip), here too there is no bathroom. But if you have the opportunity to take a “live” look at a vehicle set up like this, you will realize that the space is just not there! But who said that a bathroom is really essential?

Sara and Mario’s plan is to go to Portugal and then, following the coastal perimeter, go up north: the Basque Country, France, Holland and so on, up to the Scandinavian countries. Where little Bedford will finally find some rest. Have a good trip guys!

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