At the Fusine lakes: wasted time, wasted money and hospitality to be reviewed

August 2, 2019 – Today we tell you about our experience in Tarvisio and its surroundings. After visiting the extraordinary sanctuary of Monte Lussari staying overnight in the large car park of the cable car (not a beautiful place, but certainly practical in view of the climb) we decided to make a trip to Tarvisio to use the camper parking area for loading and unloading the water. Unfortunately, on August 1st, at the height of the summer tourist season, the area was undergoing renovation. Patience, since we are careful, we still have at least one day of autonomy, maybe two.

The next destination is the Fusine lakes, a few kilometers from Tarvisio. Here we expect, but we already knew it, a parking at €15 per day. A small price to pay to visit a naturalistic area that has all the credentials to give satisfaction and great walks in the midst of nature. Unfortunately, it was not a positive experience.

The first thing that greeted us along the access road is a large sign with the words “Absolute prohibition of camping”, with motorhome and caravans crossed out. Then at the “toll booth” they rightly asked us for €15 for entry, with the recommendation, however, to go as far as the second lake, the upper one, where there is an area specifically reserved for motorhomes. Along the journey of a couple of kilometers there are a lot of nice places to stop, but unfortunately off-limits to campers.

Identified the place where motorhomes can park, the first surprise: the €15 are not for 24 hours of parking, but are valid only until 7 am the next morning. Then, you have to pay another €15. For us who arrived at four in the afternoon, this is bad news: our spending has suddenly doubled. In this formula there is only one good thing: in these parts they know well the difference between parking and camping and explicitly authorize us to spend the night.

Too bad that the second surprise arrives immediately after: concerts are scheduled from Saturday morning and therefore the parking lot tomorrow evening must be vacated. So, even paying an additional €15 we will not be able to stay for the second night: we had already thought of a long excursion for tomorrow, followed by an evening of rest and departure on Saturday morning, but this plan needs to be revised. Among other things, the stage mounted on the shores of the lake disfigures the landscape and in addition we also undergo the first audio tests of the concert, in a place that we would have come to visit to seek peace and tranquility…

Third surprise: the cars in this parking lot pay €3 for the whole day. Now, the Italian Traffic Laws expressly provides that in the areas used for parking for motorhomes, higher rates may be provided, but only up to 50% more. In practice, if a car pays €3, a motorhome can be charged €4.5. Not more. To this we add that in the large parking area there is a fountain with non-drinking water and that there are toilets that close at 19.30, or zero services for those who stop.

Ah no, there is a nice bar. We stopped for an aperitif. They brought us and a German-speaking couple a drink, so much so that we bought some chips on the side to accompany spritz and beer. But at the neighboring tables, occupied by people who are probably more regular than us, appetizers and chips were brought as a kind gift (as is done in any bar at aperitif time).

In short, we did not feel welcomed at all and the result is that tomorrow morning we will leave the Fusine lakes in search of areas where even our type of tourism is well received. But before we leave, we will take away the satisfaction of going to the bar, saying that we intended to have breakfast and lunch with them, but that being part of an obviously discriminated category we will go and spend our money elsewhere.

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Paolo Galvani

Nato nel 1964, è giornalista professionista dal 1990 e imprenditore dal 2007. Si occupa di tecnologia dalla fine degli Anni '80, prima come giornalista poi come traduttore specializzato, e da circa tre decenni ama girare in camper. Dalla fine di maggio del 2019 è diventato "fulltimer". A luglio 2019 ha lanciato il blog

Born in 1964, he has been a professional journalist since 1990 and an entrepreneur since 2007. He has been involved in technology since the end of the 1980s, first as a journalist and then as a specialized translator, and for about three decades he has loved traveling in a motorhome. Since the end of May 2019 he has become a "fulltimer". In July 2019 he launched the blog